Production Financing Advices
Petri Rossi has a long term experience as a film financing advicor in Finnish film foundation and Eurimages. He is able to provide advices and lessons how you should proceed with your project.


Script Reports and Analyzes
Producers and professional writers

If you are a professional writer or producer, your are struggling with the script  and you feel that you may need extra help – a professional script analyze to open the knot – we can arrange one. We know quite a range of script analysts and doctors all around the world. Together we can find right person and solution for you to proceed. Arto Koskinen is also one of the teachers in MA in Screenwriting joint programme between Tampere University of Applied Scienses and Salford University. Main thing is to make your script better.


Script Development
For all writers

You probably have a good idea for a script or you have already written the first drafts. Have you ever had an experience that you have send your script to a production company and they have never given you any answer or feed back? We know that this is a pattern because we also get lot of scripts every now and then but we do not have time either to read them or provide any deep analyzis. Readin and analyzing is hard work, believe us!

If you want to work with your script, have enthusiasm, energy, patience, ready to learn and you are prepared to put some money for getting affordable advices and feed back in the beginning, we can help you. Instead of working with the whole 90 -120 pages script, we urge you to start one sentence logline and one page synopsis. Working on the stage of script writing long enough – before going further – is cost efficiency.

Of course – if you like, we can work with the whole script, but then: the more pages thereare, the more work is needed (for you and us) an the more expencive it will be. From 30 €  – 10 000 €  – depending only on your needs. Chooce yourself.  If you have an idea – we can tell you how to start and structure your story step by step. And if it’s a good idea and we see that you are not afraid of work and getting frank feed back, we can start to work together. Then we can pay back all that money you have put to us and script development  –  from there on we pay you!


We carantee you a full feed back. It costs but if you work with one or two pages synopsis, it is not too prizy. It is usually in the beginning more beneficial trying to structure the whole story in few pages only.

You can continue as long as you like. Probably, if you are satisfied we are satisfied too.

We both learn to know each other.

If the script reaches certain stage we can probably  find financing for it anyhow.